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The roof of your building protects your belongings. A roof provides protection for your family, your possessions, and your business interests. When you invest in your roof, you are investing in the aesthetic appeal of your building as well as investing in protecting all that is valuable to you.  Madge Contacting Ltd. is a full service roofing company providing services that protect your interests and investments.  Madge Contracting Ltd. offers roofing services for commercial and residential markets, including new construction, roof replacements, repairs, maintenance, custom metal applications, as well as custom sheet metal fabrication.

  • Residential

    From design to installation, our knowledge, customer care, and integrity ensures a quality roof tailored to all budgets.

  • Commercial

     We are committed to providing cost effective products and top quality workmanship. There is a reason we are a leader in commercial roofing.

  • Roofing Repairs

    Madge Contracting Ltd. provides repair services for all roofing applications with cost-effective solutions in mind.

  • Metal Roofing
    With a full service metal division, Madge Contracting Ltd. offers style and application choices for complete metal roofing systems.
  • Custom Metal
    Our metal division provides complete custom metal design and fabrication services for roofing and construction requirements.
  • Tile Roofing
    Timeless in its appeal, concrete tile roofing is a favorite option for residential and commercial applications.